Our WEND & MEND Service

Do you have a Woolly bag that needs a wee repair or some loving care? Perhaps the handle or fabric caught on something? Or your yarn has jammed in the zip? Get it to WEND its way back to us via your postal service and we will MEND it! 

Woolly Originals has been making and selling project bags, tool cases and purses since 2015. Hopefully, they are all earning their keep and working hard. It's only inevitable that over this time accidents and injuries may have happened. However, we and our Woolly bags are here for the long term and would like to help. A Woolly bag is for life, not just for a single knit- or crochet-a-long!

Send us an email via the "CONTACT" page with a photo(s) of your bag and its injury, and we will take it from there! It may be that visible mending will be required; or a new zip inserted. We will send you a quote for the suggested mending and post-op care based at a rate of £25/hour plus return postage. Any mending materials or zips are included in this price. You can then choose whether or not to proceed.  

Whilst we are always delighted to sell you a new Woolly bag, we are also very passionate about the longevity of the ones you already possess.

Thank you.

Sarah & Mitzi x


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