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Original Products for Crafters & Artists
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In the 1970s as a teenager, I read a paper in Scientific American about chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in aerosols and how they were destroying the planet's atmosphere. I remember telling my mum to stop using aerosol cleaning products.  To her huge credit, she listened and managed to find a squoosh bottle of Mr Sheen in the local Tesco supermarket in Greenock! No easy task! It was just the start: membership of Friends of the Earth (FoE); work with other environment charities such as SPOKES in Edinburgh; and continued reading and learning followed.

I'm still a member of FoE, and I continue to examine my impact on the planet and what I can try to do to reduce this.  And this also applies to Woolly Originals. Respecting the environment is one of the keystones in running my business.

Here are just some examples of what I'm trying to do:

  • recycle materials where possible;
  • unused fabric or yarn are donated to local charities;
  • offcuts of Woolly fabric made into badges;
  • badges displayed on recycled card and enclosed in biodegradable cornstarch packaging;
  • pieces of Woolly fabric not large enough to be made into Tool Cases are made into DPN Cases or coin purses;
  • knitting patterns enclosed in biodegradable cornstarch packaging;
  • using paper packaging products for posting;
  • I use cotton threads for sewing Woolly bags;
  • using eco-friendly wool detergent when washing Woolly fabric;
  • we save the inner plastic cones from the Jamieson's of Shetland wool cones, and return to them for reusing;
  • use public transport where possible e.g. myself and my occasional helper, Jo travelled to London for Yarnporium 2018 by train;
  • offer local delivery & collection by e-bike;
  • if unable to use public transport or cycle, car share e.g. myself and Ginger Twist Studio car shared to travel to Perth Festival of Yarn in 2019; 
  • when driving, use my Toyota Hybrid car; and
  • Woolly Originals now has its own “Trees for Life” grove in the Scottish Highlands. 

If you have any other suggestions, I'd be delighted to hear them.