Respecting the environment is the cornerstone to running Woolly Originals, and hence I continuously undertake a Green Review of my business to ensure that each area of Woolly Originals is operating within this commitment.

Here are just some examples of what we are doing or planning to do:


  • using nylon-free and non-superwash yarns;
  • to use more plant dyed or undyed yarns;
  • using cotton threads for sewing Woolly bags;
  • making offcuts or “mistakes” of Woolly fabric into badges, wee purses or other smaller sized bags;
  • using eco-friendly Bio-D Fragrance Free detergent when washing Woolly fabric;
  • using cork blocking mats;
  • saving the inner plastic cones from the Jamieson's of Shetland wool cones and returning to them for reusing;
  • using straight-sided pattern templates to reduce waste;
  • using any remaining fabric & wool waste as a stuffing material for Woolly pet cushions;
  • donating unused but usable fabric or yarn to local charities;


  • putting together small themed mixed fabric packs from textile waste for sale;
  • displaying badges & ZippaClips on recycled card and enclosed in biodegradable cornstarch packaging;
  • enclosing knitting patterns in biodegradable cornstarch packaging;
  • using paper packaging products for posting;
  • offering local delivery by e-bike;


  • when travelling, using e-bike or walk as first option then public transport as second option;
  • when driving, using my electric car;
  • if unable to use public transport or cycle, car sharing e.g. myself and Ginger Twist Studio car shared to travel to Perth Festival of Yarn in 2022; 

Research, Marketing & Social Media

  • to create more Woolly designs that highlight the plant world;
  • to highlight positive environmental aspects of Woolly business;
  • to investigate suppliers commitment to respecting the environment;
  • using refillable stationary e.g. pencils, pens, ink pads;
  • using locally made wooden display stands from Fine Piece at shows, festivals & fairs; and
  • to carry out annual Green Review of Woolly Originals.

If you have any other suggestions, I'd be delighted to hear them.

Thank you.