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Based in Edinburgh, Woolly Originals uses domestic knitting machines to create bags for crafters and artists to use for their projects and for their tools.

The bag designs are based on a range of ideas and inspiration, but all tell a story: the work of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to save Scottish plants at risk due to climate change; organic fruit orchards in East Lothian; Scandinavian & Shetland star motifs; the volcanic landscapes of Iceland; the iconic Scott Monument on Princes Street in Edinburgh; the oil shale bings of West Lothian; the international work of the RNLI to provide swimming lessons; or the trainee women astronauts of the Mercury 13 program in the 1960s!

Undyed and plant-dyed wools from Jamieson's of Shetland are mainly used to create the outer Woolly fabric. Guest independent natural dyers also feature. We do not use superwash wool or yarns that contain nylon. 

Linen from Ireland or Scotland and upcycled fabrics provide the linen or cotton lining fabrics. Buttons, ribbons, upcycled fabrics, other brand yarns, embroidery and crochet techniques may be used to create or decorate limited edition Woolly Originals bags. 



Woolly Originals produces the following range of bags and cases for your projects and your tools.

Large Project Bag. Width of bag at the top is approx. 35cm. Depth is approx. 13cm. Height is approx. 25cm. There are two organic hemp handles at the top of the bag for carrying purposes either on your shoulder or in your hand. This bag size will hold up to six 100g skeins of DK or Aran weight wool, so it is suitable for a jumper project.

Medium Project Bag. Width of bag is approx. 30cm. Depth is approx. 10cm. Height is approx. 23.5cm. There is a 28cm zipper to secure the bag's contents. This bag size will hold up to two or three 100g skeins of DK wool, so it is suitable for a scarf or shawl project.

Tool or Pencil CaseWidth of bag is approx. 20cm. Depth is approx. 8cm. Height is approx.10cm. There is an 18cm zipper to secure the bag's contents. This bag size will hold up to one 50g cake of fingering or sock wool, so it is suitable for a sock or mitten project. Or for your tools!

Purse. Width of bag is approx. 16cm. Depth is approx. 2cm. Height is approx. 12cm. There is a 15cm zipper to secure the bag's contents. There is a curved base to the bag. This bag size will hold your stitch markers, tools, bank cards, or bits & pieces!

Pattern Weights. Pyramidal pattern weights sold in sets of four. These have been made from the offcuts when sewing up project bags! The pattern weights each weigh approx. 70g. Base size is approx. 9cm by 9cm by 9cm. Height is approx. 7cm with a black fabric loop. Weights are filled with dried barley or rice.