My Own Dye Studio!

At last, I have completed setting up my own dye studio. I previously worked either outside in my garden or at my friend, Fu's farm. But, both locations were weather dependent: if it rained I couldn't dye outside; and if it was too hot or too cold, Fu's polytunnel made for a challenging work environment!

When I decided to start plant dyeing the yarns to make my Woolly bags, I realised that I needed something more reliable. So, I tidied and turned our very messy old utility room cum storage space into my new dye studio. It took a while to relocate all the various items but new homes have now been found for all!  

I'm so delighted with the result. Having a sink with a hot water tap and the space for two or even three dye pots is going to be such a luxury! No longer will I need to dress for the Antarctic or the Sahara! Or only have access to cold water.

And, because my new studio is now so efficient and practical, I'm going to be dyeing the Bearford Originals yarns here too! I'll need to be quite organised but, as we all know, I do love creating, documenting and maintaining records!


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