Fu's Orchard

On 2nd December 2016, at the Wool Tribe Christmas party organised by Edinburgh Yarn Festival , I launched my Heritage Orchard design. It was inspired by my friend, Fu's orchard of heritage and modern varieties of British apple, plum and pear trees that she planted over the winter of 2011/12 in East Lothian just outside Edinburgh. Fu, known as @bearford on social media, is one of my closest and best friends. We've weaved our way through life since meeting as students in 1983. She was studying art and me earth science. How strange that she should now be an organic farmer and I'm a textile designer!

Last autumn, with EYF2019 approaching, Sylvie Jerez of Phileas Yarns asked me if I'd like to collaborate on a new Edinburgh-inspired yarn colour scheme as a one-off for my bags for EYF in March. I've been using Sylvie's amazing Rambler yarn for my bags since I first met her at EYF2017, firstly for my Bandit Brioche and more recently Scots Pine designs. The Rambler yarn colours are inspired by Sylvie's fascinating trips abroad.

"Yes!" I responded immediately and instantly thought of this design. To date, I have used only three colour combinations of Jamieson’s of Shetland stunning wools for the Heritage Orchard design: Cardinal red for the plum trees; Moss green for the apples; and Yellow Ochre for the pears. I sent Sylvie a photo that I took in September of Fu standing in her orchard in the sunshine; her happy place! Sylvie then brilliantly transposed the colours in the photo into a fruit tree-inspired yarn calling it, Fu's Orchard! I then took a quick trip up to Scottish Linen in Kirkcaldy to purchase a complimentary fabric to make the handles and lining.

As an exclusive one-off for EYF, I'll be making a limited number of bags using this beautiful new yarn and bringing them along to the Corn Exchange in March. Pick one whilst you can!


[Please note that Sylvie will not be selling this yarn to purchase at EYF. Thank you.]

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