Christmas Crackers!

Our last online shop of 2022 will be on Friday 18th November at 8pm (Edinburgh time). This early date will hopefully mean that your shopping will be delivered before the Christmas holidays. This will also be the last chance to buy a Woolly bag before March 2023 as there are some exciting changes going on behind the scenes at Woolly Originals! More on that later on in November.

And to make things a wee bit more exciting, we'll only be offering pre-wrapped Christmas Crackers which will each contain a mystery Woolly bag, a ball of wool to compliment the outer or inner fabric of your bag (or both!), and two other wee gifts. 

The bags will be offered in the following sizes: Small (suitable for a hat or socks project); Medium (suitable for a shawl); and Large (suitable for a cardigan or jumper project). The prices will be: £30 for a Small; £45 for a Medium; and £60 for a Large. 

Finally, the Christmas Crackers will be available in three categories: Botanically Themed; Scottish Inspired; or Stars, Stripes & Parallelograms! So, set your alarm clocks ready to get some Christmas shopping done early, especially if it's to buy a wee present for yourself!

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