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All blog posts are my own, including photos.  Please do not reproduce any text or photographs without my permission.


Please note that all work by Woolly Originals, including patterns, designs, bags, etc are protected by UK copyright law.  For details please refer to UK Government Copyright Details


Photographs are taken using a digital Nikon camera or an iPhone / iPad.  All product photos are taken using my Nikon and are unedited.  Descriptions of products are as detailed as possible.

Product Care

All bags except the bucket bags are machine washable on a gentle “wool cycle”.  Do not tumble dry or dry clean.  Bucket bags can be sponged cleaned.

Where do your wools come from?

I use Shetland wools from Jamieson’s of Shetland in Shetland. Occasionally, I also make one-off purchases when travelling, e.g. Portuguese wools from Burel Mountain Originals.

Where do your lining fabrics come from?

I buy linen and cotton fabrics from Scottish Linen direct from the factory in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Some of the single-coloured patterned fabrics may include a small percentage of other materials such as nylon.

Where else can I buy your bags?

I attend knitting events and restock my e-shop on a regular basis. My bags are also available at:

  • Ginger Twist Studio on London Road, Edinburgh;
  • The Dovecot Studios shop on Infirmary Street, Edinburgh; 
  • Storkurinn in Reykjavik, Iceland; and
  • Do Ewe Knit in New Jersey, USA.

Bespoke Orders

I do take orders for bespoke items.  Please contact me via my E-Shop.

Wholesale Orders

I also do wholesale orders.  Again, please contact me via my E-Shop. Please note that I only supply “bricks-and-mortar” knitting, yarn or craft shops.  They are also not available to sell at festivals or events, unless I have given my written permission to do so.


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