Thank You, Yarndale!

A huge Thank You to everyone involved in organising Yarndale in Skipton, Yorkshire. What an amazing event! What an amazing weekend! 

An equally huge Thank You to everyone who visited our stand, chatted to myself or Jo, or bought a bag or badge. We so enjoyed meeting you, seeing what you’d purchased or admiring what you were wearing! It was fantastic to talk to so many different crafters: knitters, weavers, crocheters, machineknitters, felters and farmers!

Finally, Thank You to An Caitin Beag for the cups of tea and Alice of Whistlebare Yarns for covering for me over lunch on Sunday! 

The photos below show our sheep pen before and after decorating, two gorgeous Exmoor Horn sheep who were visiting the show, the unique Skipton Giant Swaledales with their sheepdog, and five beautiful gradient skeins from The Little Grey Sheep, bought yesterday to match the Icelandic cardi I’m currently knitting!

Yarndale Next!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Perth Festival of Yarn on Sunday!  It was an amazing event. Jo and I had a great time chatting to so many knitters, crocheters and crafters.

Here are some photos from the day, plus one of my own yarn haul! Next up will be Yarndale in Skipton on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September. Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

Perth Festival of Yarn 

The Perth Festival of Yarn is taking place on Sunday 10th September at the Dewars Centre on Glover Street in Perth. Doors open at 11am until 5pm. Jo and I will be on stall 15 all day. If you’re coming along, pop over and say hello, and show us what you’re making/wearing/purchasing! We love chatting about knitting and crocheting! 

Argyll – A Pattern from the Seventies!

Ooooh the Seventies! Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon; glam rock; punk rock; and funk! Chic; Village People; the Bee Gees; and the Bay City Rollers! And then there were the films: The Godfather; The Deer Hunter; Star Wars; and Grease! What was on the telly? Pennies from Heaven; Dixon of Dock Green; and The Good Life. What were we wearing? Bell-bottoms; tabards; Night Fever suits; culottes; platform boots; and granny shoes!

It was also the decade my family returned to the UK from Iran and settled in Scotland. I instantly fell in love with this stunningly beautiful, friendly, amazing country. And, the scenery! Through the Seventies, I remember family trips along the Rest-and-Be-Thankful road through the mountains of Argyll, picnics beside remote streams, cycling round the island of Great Cumbrae on the River Clyde on hired bikes, and holidays to Carradale on the Mull of Kintyre. 

So, as this new pattern reminds me of these amazing times and places, I’m calling the design, “Argyll”. The outer fabric of these bags has been machine knit using Spindrift Shetland wool from Jamieson’s of Shetland. The bags will be available to purchase at the Perth Festival of Yarn on Sunday 10th September 2017. 

E-Shop Update – 28th June 2017

There will be an E-shop update on Wednesday 28th June at 10pm (Edinburgh time). A mix of Bandit Brioche, Nordic Rose and Whisky Bottle designs including the bags shown will be on sale. Due to holidays, the next opportunity to purchase a Woolly bag will be at the Perth Festival of Yarn on Sunday 10th September in Perth! 

iPad Mini/Samsung Tab Sleeve

I have finished my tablet sleeve patterns, Scots Pine and Scottish Wildflowers. These hand knit sleeves are suitable for an iPad Mini, Samsung Tab, or other similar sized device. I have used Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift wool to knit the sleeves, firstly because I love this beautiful Shetland wool and secondly because it comes in 225 different shades!

The colourwork pattern is worked in the round using DPNs or the magic loop technique. You would need 2 balls of your background colour and 1 ball for the colourwork section. In the photos below, I have used Sholmit/Natural White and Oxford for the Scottish Wildflowers design and Scotch Broom and Ivory for the Scots Pine pattern.

Other techniques needed to complete the sleeve include casting on using Judy’s Magic Cast On and casting off using Kitchener Stitch. There are many books, blogs and tutorials online that can help you with both these techniques; I have listed my preferences under a page called Techniques on this website. A simple picot edge between the outer section and the inner section, allows the sleeve to fold easily.

For the Scots Pine design, the inner single-colour section is knitted first, then the picot fold line and finally the outer colourwork section. The Scottish Wildflowers design is knit the opposite way: outer colourwork, then picot, then inner!

I am planning on launching the pattern on 17th June 2017, at the Indie Burgh Craft Crawl in Edinburgh. Thereafter, it will be available on Ravelry.

Happy knitting!







Eshop Update

Eshop update this evening, Thursday 4th May at 8pm Edinburgh time.  There will be a selection of over twenty bags: small, medium and large project bags; and a couple of bucket bags.