Hiking the Hebridean Way Woolly Bags

Nine weeks ago, I started walking the twelve sections of the Hebridean Way. I should have been travelling to North Uist in June, but Scotland was still in a partial lockdown and tourism had not yet restarted. So instead, I’ve been hiking in and around Edinburgh and hopefully raising money for the Child Poverty Action Group.

I’ve been posting my weekly Sunday progress on Instagram live, pretending to be travelling north from island to island and pointing out various landmarks! I’ve just four sections left to do and will hopefully finish on Sunday 20th September at Edinburgh Castle.

However, I do feel a wee bit cheeky using the lovely Outer Hebrides in this way! So, I’ve had nine very special Woolly bags made in my Callanish Standing Stones design: six smalls with handles; one tool/pencil case; and two notions or coin purses. The outer fabric has been machine knit by Sigita using Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift wool and Countess Ablaze’s “Ministry of Truth Twisting” charity yarn. Each bag is lined with a pale purple linen fabric from Scottish Linen in Kirkcaldy. £10 from the sale of each bag will be donated to the Western Isles Citizens Advice Bureau.

These bags are a one-off and won’t be repeated, And the Countess herself has given her blessing upon them! The bags will be on sale in my online shop on Friday 4th September at 5pm (Edinburgh time), so catch them whilst you can!

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