Cecil the Snake Draught Excluder

A draught blows down our hall when the outer front door is open. It’s an older house and some of the doors aren’t perfectly shaped! Until recently, I’ve used an old towel of Badger’s, rolled up at the bottom of the door to keep the heat in and the wind out. But when my sons, who’ve moved back in due to the coronavirus stay-at-home measures, tidied their bedrooms, a number of stray holey socks beyond redemption were unearthed. I immediately knew just what they could be used to create: a draught excluder! 

So Cecil was born, from old washed cut up socks, pieces of remnant fabric from Scottish Linen and Burel Mountain Originals, and two psychedelic buttons!

To make a Cecil, first cut a piece of fabric to 96cm by 26cm. An old pillowcase or towel would make a great substitute. Sew a seam down the long edge, fold back and press flat.

The next step is to take a bowl and draw round each end to give Cecil his curves! Cut and seam his bottom, then snip approx five v-shapes around the seam. 

Next, cut a Y-shape out of felt or boiled wool fabric.  Alternatively, you could use a couple of strands of wool. Place the tongue tucked into the fabric as shown, pin, and sew Cecil’s head. 

Take a seam ripper or a small pair of scissors, and make a 10cm gap in the body seam near his head. Reinforce each end of this gap with a few stitches to prevent the seam from unravelling. 

Cecil obviously needs two eyes. So, sew two buttons in place on his head as shown. This stage is a bit fiddly but worth it! 

Now to cut up the old socks for Cecil’s filling. I used 21 adult socks. First cut each sock lengthways, then into 2-3cm squares. Stuff Cecil loosely then hand sew the body seam to close.

You now have your very own sock-snake Cecil! And a warm secure hall!



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