Furtherance Friday!

Furtherance: a helping forward.

Once a week, Woolly Originals will be posting on social media about a person or an event or something else that deserves recognition or a wee boost. A positive start to the weekend!

Today’s #furtherancefriday post is all about the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal as detailed by Jamieson’s of Shetland. This amazing hat pattern by Harriet Middleton is being sold through Jamieson’s website & shop to help raise funds to buy a much needed scanner for Shetland. Here’s the colours I’ve chosen to knit mine and I can’t wait to cast on! Which six colours would you choose?

EStore News

Saturday’s EStore update didn’t quite go to plan. Stock levels when they hit 0 should have displayed as Out of Stock. They didn’t. They headed into minus figures. Items should have remained in shopping carts until checkout. They didn’t. They disappeared. My sincerest apologies if either of these issues affected you. And a huge Thank You to KalopsiaC who are currently sewing up more bags for me, using fabric I made on Saturday night into Sunday morning!

I have been in discussions with my EStore host provider, ShopWired. Initially they said Oh, this is the third time this has happened. My response: there shouldn’t have been a second. Then they blamed Bugs in the System which is Covered in their Ts&Cs. My response: how can it be a Bug if you know about it? And why haven’t you fixed the Bug?

So, as no resolution has been offered and no path going forwards, I’m currently in talks with a new eshop host provider and hopefully my new eshop will be live in June. Watch this space!

Sarah x

Picture Description: a Lava Landscape bag, labels and pens scattered across a table to assist with packing parcels