Thank You, Yarndale!

A huge Thank You to everyone involved in organising Yarndale in Skipton, Yorkshire. What an amazing event! What an amazing weekend! 

An equally huge Thank You to everyone who visited our stand, chatted to myself or Jo, or bought a bag or badge. We so enjoyed meeting you, seeing what you’d purchased or admiring what you were wearing! It was fantastic to talk to so many different crafters: knitters, weavers, crocheters, machineknitters, felters and farmers!

Finally, Thank You to An Caitin Beag for the cups of tea and Alice of Whistlebare Yarns for covering for me over lunch on Sunday! 

The photos below show our sheep pen before and after decorating, two gorgeous Exmoor Horn sheep who were visiting the show, the unique Skipton Giant Swaledales with their sheepdog, and five beautiful gradient skeins from The Little Grey Sheep, bought yesterday to match the Icelandic cardi I’m currently knitting!

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