iPad Mini/Samsung Tab Sleeve

I have finished my tablet sleeve patterns, Scots Pine and Scottish Wildflowers. These hand knit sleeves are suitable for an iPad Mini, Samsung Tab, or other similar sized device. I have used Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift wool to knit the sleeves, firstly because I love this beautiful Shetland wool and secondly because it comes in 225 different shades!

The colourwork pattern is worked in the round using DPNs or the magic loop technique. You would need 2 balls of your background colour and 1 ball for the colourwork section. In the photos below, I have used Sholmit/Natural White and Oxford for the Scottish Wildflowers design and Scotch Broom and Ivory for the Scots Pine pattern.

Other techniques needed to complete the sleeve include casting on using Judy’s Magic Cast On and casting off using Kitchener Stitch. There are many books, blogs and tutorials online that can help you with both these techniques; I have listed my preferences under a page called Techniques on this website. A simple picot edge between the outer section and the inner section, allows the sleeve to fold easily.

For the Scots Pine design, the inner single-colour section is knitted first, then the picot fold line and finally the outer colourwork section. The Scottish Wildflowers design is knit the opposite way: outer colourwork, then picot, then inner!

I am planning on launching the pattern on 17th June 2017, at the Indie Burgh Craft Crawl in Edinburgh. Thereafter, it will be available on Ravelry.

Happy knitting!







One thought on “iPad Mini/Samsung Tab Sleeve

  1. Looks great, great idea, I’m delighted!

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