Eshop Update

Eshop update this evening, Thursday 4th May at 8pm Edinburgh time.  There will be a selection of over twenty bags: small, medium and large project bags; and a couple of bucket bags.

4 thoughts on “Eshop Update

  1. Hello, I wuold like to know more what bags wil be in update, could you Pm me to email the list?
    Thank you.


    • Woolly Originals

      Hello Lisa. My update occurred a few weeks ago on 4th May, as mentioned in the post. My next update will probably be in July. I will also have a pop-up shop on 17th June in Edinburgh. Regards Sarah


  2. Oh I love the snowflake bag… do you still these available anywhere. I’m in Australia so fairly certain I wouldn’t find one here. It is just gorgeous.
    X Deb


    • Woolly Originals

      There are some available in a shop called Storkurinn in Reykjavik. You could contact them to see if they ship to Australia. I will be making a few of these bags for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March.


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