Woolly Originals’ Project Bag with Skein Holders

Being an avid handknitter, I decided to design and make a bag with handles that was large enough to hold, for example, a jumper or cardigan project. On 5th June 2015 I made my first small bag with the intention of sizing up rapidly. Twenty months later, I am finally happy with my design; I don’t like to rush these things!

The bag’s outer fabric is machine knit on my vintage Knitmaster.  The lining and handles  of the bag are made out of linen from Scottish Linen in Fife.  I wanted the bag to be able to hold separately two skeins of yarn. After seven design revisions, I finally produced the skein holder I desired! It is also made from linen and is elasticated at the top to keep the skein secure.  Each of the two holders per bag are attached inside the project bag by a button/buttonholed system. This means that they can be easily removed, and also washed if needed. 

The project bag is wide enough to fit a Woolly Originals’ tool case or small project bag alongside the skein holders. The knitting or crochet project itself can be placed on top when not being worked.  

The photos below show a bag in Woolly Originals’ Nordic Rose pattern.  The first batch of these projects bags in Nordic Rose, Scottish Wildflowers and Bandit Brioche designs will be for sale in March 2017 at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  They will then be for sale in my e-shop by late March. 

Copyright of Woolly Originals, 7th March 2017

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