Zigzag Bags

Occasionally, a pattern just seems to occur everywhere you look. Recently, zigzags seemed to leap into sight wherever I turned: on cushion covers on holiday in our hotel’s lounge; on stitching when practising using my new Bernina sewing machine; on road markings when Badger and I went for a walk!


So, I just had to design a pattern based on zigzags. Firstly, I had to choose the height of my zigzags and their width.  A number of rough drafts and swatches followed, culminating in a repeating pattern that I could punch out on to my 24-stitch wide and 60-row long punchcards. Next, colours. I decided to focus on one background colour with two or three complementary stripes.  The result is “Zigzags”.  Not the most original name I know, but it is what it is and you can’t beat simplicity!


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