Woolly Bags

I have recently reviewed my bag sizes, ending some lines and adding new ones.  So, I will now be producing the following sized bags (dimensions approximate):

  • pencil/tool case – 22cm x 7cm x 10cm;
  • small rectangular bag – 22cm x 7cm x 14cm;
  • small square bag – 19cm x 7cm x 18cm for a limited time only;
  • project bag with handles & skein holders – coming soon; and
  • bucket bag with handles – 40cm x 15cm x 35cm.

Here are a few photos of the various sized bags, in some of Woolly Originals’ designs. The outer fabric of the bags is machine knit on my vintage Knitmaster in wool from KnitRennie in Aberdeenshire and lined in linen or cotton fabrics from Scottish Linen In Fife.


Bucket Bag & Small Square Bag in “Whisky Bottles” design


Small Rectangular Bags in “Mini Tessellating Callanish Standing Stones” and “Bandit Brioche” designs


Pencil/Tool Case in “Nordic Stars” design


Small Square Bags in “Bandit Brioche” design



Small Rectangular Bags in “Apple Sherbet” design


Small Rectangular Bag in “Tessellating Root Veg” design


Small Rectangular Bags in “Nordic Stars” design


Bucket Bag in “Summer Landscape” design


Small Rectangular Bag in “Bandit Brioche” design

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