A Yellow Hat

It’s been rather wet this summer, here in Scotland. Badger and I have been soaked too many times to count.  So, I decided to buy a new waterproof jacket; a bright yellow jacket so that I could wear it for both dog walking and cycling. However, a new jacket has meant that I have needed a new hat. My yarn stash didn’t contain the right shade of yellow, but I knew where I could get some: Ginger Twist Studio on London Road in Edinburgh and the shade was Liquid Sunshine! I also purchased a skein of grey, Old Town Cobblestone to match as I had a fair isle pattern in mind.


Next, I had a choose a pattern. I started the wonderful Bedale pattern in Coop Knits Toasty Volume 1 by Rachel Coopey, but it didn’t seem to suit the yarn.  Browsing through the book by Arne & Carlos called Knitting Scandinavian Style, I spotted the Setesdal patterns which I love. So, my hybrid pattern was born.


It didn’t take long to knit up the hat, once I’d decided on which colour work designs to combine with the base pattern of the Coop Knits’ Bedale hat though a few pattern alterations slowed me down slightly. Now, I just need to knit up a matching pair of mittens!   


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