Fair Isle Dog Jumper

I have quite a few hand knitted jumpers in my wardrobe. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which one to wear when I’m planning a walk with my dog, Badger. However, until today, poor Badger only had one black fleece from which to choose! After numerous comments from friends and family about the paucity of knitwear in Badger’s wardrobe,  I decided to create for him the ultimate Fair Isle sweater!

After researching dog patterns, I choose the beautiful Fetching Fair Isle pattern from “Dogs in Knits” by Judith L Swartz. After swatching the Jamieson & Smith 2-ply jumper weight Shetland wool, I increased my needle size to 3mm and reduced the number of colours in the pattern from eight to six.  

The coat knit up beautifully, though the distraction of other projects delayed its progress, taking me three months to complete the main body.  Sewing in all the wool ends then took almost a whole weekend! The steeked leg holes were relatively easy to do, having steeked a few cardigans.  Finally, the coat was washed and blocked.  

I’m delighted with the result, and as the pictures show, so is Badger!  Just need a cold day to take him for a walk and an “in-action photo session”!







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