Solja Sweater

The Island Wool Company source and sell beautiful wool from the Faroes islands. The wonderful Navia range of wool is a mixture of Faroese wool, Shetland wool and Australian lambswool.  Having previously used the Duo (equivalent to 4-ply), I decided to knit the gorgeous Solja sweater by  Anna Maltz using Navia Trio (equivalent to DK). The wool mix is strong, warm and very soft, making it ideal for a winter woolie!


After choosing the colours, I started the garment. The corrugated rib and lace-patterned body were very easy to knit using the well written pattern.  As I reached the yoke, I reappraised my colour scheme and decided to make a few changes. A cream background for the yoke became a dark red, and the yellow flowers turned to natural white! Rather than varying the colour of the flowers, as in the pattern, I decided to vary the centre colour of the flowers.  I did this using Duplicate Stitch, or Swiss Darning after I had completed the sweater.  I’m delighted with the result, and also that the weather is now cold enough so that I can wear it!