Apple Sherbet Bags

Having visited the wonderful “Bernat Klein: A Life in Colour” exhibition at the Dovecot Studios on Infirmary Street in Edinburgh, I was inspired to use some brighter colours in my designs.  So, during a visit to Knit Rennie in Aberdeenshire in August, against my natural instinct, I purchased some rather bright neon colours: pink and green!

I then began to think about how I would use these new colours.  As my favourite fruit is the apple, and they are now being harvested, I decided to base my design on apples and more specifically, apple sherbet!  After sketching and working on my Colour Book, I came up with a number of colour combinations.

DSCN3100       DSCN3107

After thinking about the Sherbet design, the next step was to draft a punchcard pattern using my knitting graph paper from Rowan Morrison Books.  Once the punchcard pattern was produced, swatching commenced although I needed a few pattern revisions before I was happy with the design.

DSCN3108     DSCN3103

 Finally, once the fabric had been made, washed, and blocked, I was able to make the first Apple Sherbet bags.

DSCN3141     DSCN3133

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