Year of the Sheep

To celebrate the start of the Year of the Sheep, I visited JC Rennie’s in Mintlaw, north Aberdeenshire.  The rural site at Mintlaw is a working mill, producing hand and machine knitting yarns.  Visiting the mill in person was a fantastic experience, as not only was I able to select a number of 2/11 supersoft lambswool yarns for the project for my machine knitting course, but I was taken on a very interesting tour around the mill by Laura at Rennies.  It was fascinating to see how the mill takes different coloured wools, then blends them together to produce a “melange” or “heather” yarn.  This method of producing yarns, which is more environmentally friendly than injecting a single dye into a spun yarn, gives an amazing depth of colour.  It was a great day out and I came away, not only wiser about the milling process, but also with more than four kilos of machine knitting lambswool!

DSCN2589 DSCN2582 DSCN2584 DSCN2585 DSCN2586 DSCN2587

DSCN2567 DSCN2565

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